Catcy Care Limited  

We are CQC registered. 

Catcy Care Limited is a fussion of ideas by health and social care professionals who are commited to improving the welfare of mental health service users.


We provide supported accommodation and domiciliary care. 

What do we do?



Staff at Catcy Care Limited give individuals with mental health challenges the opportunity to live as independently as possible and realize their full potentials; in spite of their mental health diagnosis. We do this by providing them with the right support.  


Our experience has shown that in many cases, some service users are not able to independently manage their affairs up to their desired standard due to the condition they suffer. In such circumstances, our experienced staff can step in by giving the required guidance and practical support when needed. 


Our services and support are tailor-made to ensure that our clients achieve their desired outcomes while living at our projects. Our staff prompt and support our clients to engage in those activities that contribute to positive outcomes. We support with all Activities of Daily Living including attending hospital or GP appointments, attending to personal hygiene, maintaining a healthy diet and nutrition, and support with medication. We actively encouragement exercise to ensure that our clients are both physically and mentally fit. We have strong ties with external local agencies, and we liaise with family members and other carers.


We ensure that our clients get their benefits from the appropriate authorities. We support with the completion of all necessary forms and support with financial and budget planning. We encourage our service users to engage in regular one-to-ones with our staff. Thereby, giving them the opportunity to inform us of what is important to them and how they want their care and support delivered. We value strength and encourage independence. Lower needs clients are provided with prompting, while higher needs clients are provided with practical support to meet their needs safely. All clients are encouraged to engage in bespoke activities designed to promote a return to a higher level of functionality and independence.


Our Goal:

We aim to enable individuals to step down to independent living, safely, within a reasonable period.

We offer

Other supports to ensure that our clients maintain their desired state of wellbeing and remain safely in their own home.  

Support with Activities of Daily Living.

Rent and accommodation related support

Benefit Related Support